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Completely unique care in psychiatric residential support, with individualized treatment, wellness 

and recovery programs.

About Bethany Residence


The Bethany Residence that exists today began as a vision more than thirty years ago. Owner, Kevin Abraham, wanted to introduce a residential care facility that offered those facing psychiatric illness continuity of care after inpatient hospital treatment — which then did not exist for this sector of health care.

Kevin's vision came from a desire to provide a unique system of residential care that would offer a respectful and comprehensive environment where people could manage cognitive challenges AND lead happy lives.

With all this in mind, Kevin bought Bethany from its previous owners in 1982. At the time it was an 18 bed facility. From there, after many years of planning, building, renovation and stages of growth, in 1998 Kevin's initial vision for Bethany became a reality. Since then Bethany Residence has operated as a 128 bed facility that offers a care model completely set apart in its industry. 


Bethany is still run by its original owners, Sheri Levy-Abraham and Kevin Abraham, along with Bethany’s long time Director of Care, Patti MacIntyre. Patti has been a loving force at Bethany since our earliest days.










Psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Turner, is an important part of our team. He visits Bethany twice a week to care for and treat Bethany’s residents and has been doing so since 1990. Dr. Turner has also worked in private practice and continues to work at Joseph Brant hospital and in other programs in the Halton region, and has been doing so for over 40 years. Dr. Turner also played an integral role in helping to plan the Bethany of today.


“It’s such a motivated group of staff here, who want to make the world a better place for people who are in an unfortunate mental health situation,” Dr. Turner has said.  Click here to learn more about Dr. Turner. For a special presentation he prepared about Bethany Residence for the Legislative Assembly of Ontario Select Committee on Mental Health and Addictions click here (please note that the per diem and private rates listed in Dr. Turner's presentation are outdated and no longer valid). Also, please click here for transcript extracts from the Committee Hearings, which underscore the benefits of psychiatric residential treatment to patients, families and our community. 

Dr. Naidoo, general medical practitioner, also visits Bethany once a week to care for and treat Bethany’s residents.  He has also been working at Bethany for decades.


It is with Bethany's multi-disciplinary team, that also includes Activities Director, Natascha Bailey, the many staff members, PSWs, SSWs, homemakers, housekeeping, cooks and other kitchen staff and more, that we are able to offer the type of whole-person care that means so much to us. We also receive a lot of support from our community through outreach programs and other networks.

Some of the specialized services we are able to offer at Bethany include nurse-monitored and secure medication administration, life-skills programs (such as cooking classes, hygiene care and budgeting), medical and family liaison with supports and also medical administration assistance (including the arrangement of in-house and outside doctor’s appointments for residents). We also offer a host of daily activities and field trips to improve quality of life. These activities include a variety of physical exercise programs, art therapy and other creative arts practices, games and hobbies, as well as activities that promote mindfulness, bonding between residents, and education upgrades.


Both subsidized and private pay beds are available. Learn more about accommodation and rates.

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